How to select a time while putting your money on horse racing

When you are putting money on horse racing, you always look to bet on the best winning horse. You will rely on the tips offered by experts. However, you should have a clear understanding of the type of horse racing wager, and the timing will also play a crucial role.

Sectional timing 

Sectional timing is part of the overall racing time. The period is taken to understand the performance of the horse or jockey. The records of various events will be collected for analysis. Based on the analysis conclusion, you will be able to bet on the right horse at the right time.

Winning strategy 

If you have been losing money on horse racing or looking to surpass bookmakers’ targets, you should chalk out a winning strategy. As per the past data, it is evident that nearly 40% of the hot favorites will win the games. To increase the strike rate, you should implement a good strategy.

Best time to bet

If you are looking for an answer to find the best time for horse betting, it should be the best chance to make a decent profit. Some sports fans will be able to judge the winning horse based on the readily available data. Others will pick the winning horse after the release of the lines.

You can find value for betting as soon as the lines are released. Before placing the bet, you should select the type of bet that you would like to participate in. After the finalization of the bet, you should place the bet.

Know the types of bets

Timing is vital for maximizing your profits in horse betting. You should fix the type of bet before placing an order. With a straight wager, you will be able to bet on one horse only. You can choose win, place, show, across the board, and win/place or place/show options as per your predicting skills.

If you would like to bet on multiple horses, you will want to participate in an exacta bet. With Exacta bet, you will choose two horses that will come in first and second-order (in an exact manner). With the Quinella bet, you will specify two winning horses in any order. Similarly, you can participate in quinella, trifecta, and superfecta based on your experience and ability to risk the winning horse.

Human tellers vs. automatic tellers 

If you are at the racetrack, you can utilize the services of human tellers. They are fast, accurate, and you will get a friendly response from them. When you go for automatic tellers, you may punch the wrong button. You can get a quick ticket from the teller by conveying the message of race track number, amount of bet, type of bet, and the horse’s program number. You can preserve your ticket safe as you will need to claim it if you win the race.

Picking the winning horse 

To pick the winning horse, you should go through the horse’s past performance and the jockey. There are hundreds of books and online resources to dig through horses’ past performance and horse racing in particular. However, your familiarity in reading the day’s program will make your different from other people.

Grab clues from the past performance 

As you go through the authentic information about the winning horses, their strengths and abilities, you will get clues to select the right horse. However, every game is different, and the past performance will not guarantee future gains.

As you look at the levels and classes of racing of various horses, you will get useful clues. With the increase in every class, you can find a horse with better performance and better rewards.

The horse’s performance on various surface types, history of a jockey, and the ability to consider different odds will prompt your timing to hit the winning race.

A horse with the lowest odds will win very easily. If you bet with your favorite horse to ‘win’, you will win 33% of the time. If it is with your favorite horse to ‘place’, the chances of winning are to the extent of 53% of the time. As you choose the favorite ‘show’, the chances of winning will increase by 67% of the time.


You will not want to bet on every race. By sticking to your budget and implementing the right strategy, you can increase the winning streak.

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