What Makes Poker a Game of Brain More Than a Luck

The ongoing debate of poker being a brain or luck game is still going on even after decades. So what is the verdict? It is debatable, but we have reasons to believe that Poker is a game of brain more than luck after all. A person’s aptitude and capability to be analytical has more to do with poker than his luck. There are some reasons we believe that make poker more a game of brain than luck:

Playing Poker

Poker and logic go hand in hand:

Poker has always been a brain and skill game, never luck, and my first reason will help support this statement. It is the strategies a person applies at the moment. Not that there is a set of strategies that works fine, but the ability to use it or tweak it a bit to make it work in favor of your cards is the real deal. It is because not every strategy can help you win every time. Here, every strategy requires your brain’s logic, and it can be made better with each game and situation.

Math is a huge help here:

Math doesn’t seem so dull now, does it? Good knowledge of math can help you reach for the stars even when it comes to poker. Only a person with good Mathematical skills can ace this without a doubt. Poker requires us to factor in the competitor’s moves then make ours, which is another way of our brain to incorporate math skills into playing poker. Not only this poker involves Permutations and combinations to check the validity of a particular move and see if it would be valid in that situation and then use them for every other coming situation. The most crucial factor of Mathematics i.e., probability, mostly favors the side of the person who can infer the consequences of every move based on what mathematical implications it is bound to cause.

Mind-Body coordination and analysis is a must!

It is a crucial aspect of playing poker, which we have seen many times in movies and shows. Having control over one’s reactions, thoughts, and keeping a full eye on competitors’ moves, body language, and ideas are extremely important. Even for a second, if you lose sight of their movements or body language, you can fall behind a lot.

The proven way to Poker’s success: PRACTICE!

Poker is a Game of Brain More Than a Luck

The continuous practice of playing Poker is the only way you can ace Poker.

Nothing and no luck will ever give you the kind of expertise on the game but practicing it. The more you’ll practice the game, the more ease you will be put to knowing it and then finally winning it. For practicing it, you have to play it, read literature on it, peruse any content you can, and see what you can work with. It is said correctly that practice makes a man perfect, so it does help perfect your game.

The Longrun:

Every once in a while, we face difficulties in our daily life. Every week at least once or twice, we complain, “Why is this happening to me?” or “God, what a stroke of bad luck!” Do you think people earn millions just based on years of incredible, unfailing, persistent luck? Sounds unrealistic, no? It is indeed hard to prove the validity of luck in poker. It is the brain of a genius, someone who practices hard, always looks at his game, tweaks his strategies, and keeps a constant eye on the competition, is the one who can succeed. None of these accounts to luck, but your brain. Would you stop playing if your luck turned terrible? No, you would improve your game and believe it results from my practice, skills, and hard work.

We are not ruling out the role of luck in poker completely, but luck is not always your side; your brain is. Poker being a risky business, leads people to believe that it is a luck game, as faith is the only thing we turn towards when in fear.

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